Belly Fat Busting Foods

Best Fat Burner For Lower Belly Fat Pooch

belly fat burning foods

The Most effective belly fat burner foods are?  Each time you consume a 100 kcal of fat only 3 kcal will be burned off as heat. When you eat 100 kcal of carbohydrate food you will throw off 12-15 kcal as heat. However when you eat protein approximately 20 kcal are thrown off as heat. Protein is a combination of protein carbohydrates and fat as a result stimulates a faster metabolism. Protein is the best fat burner for belly fat loss and overall weight loss.  

Effective Fat Burner For Belly Fat

Enter the fast track to belly fat loss.  Thermogenesis is the production of heat every time you consume food your metabolic rate increases. Whereas fat causes very little increase in metabolic rate and most of the calories are converted in to body fat. If your metabolism is slow it is a good reason to avoid carbohydrate foods because this triggers insulin. Which increases sugar levels and cause you to store fat and weight gain. To lose weight in half the time consume vegetable carbohydrate foods with protein these are quick weight loss foods. Even though vegetables are all carbohydrates they do not turn in to sugar if at all and very effective fat burner for belly fat this will lead to fat loss and loss of weight.  

Best Stomach Fat Burner

If your metabolism is slow avoid simple carbohydrate foods these have hidden sugars which will spike insulin. Insulin is the hormone that makes you fat. Avoid grains and starches and processed foods that will increase sugar levels to spike insulin. Foods which contain added sugars such as baked goods, cookies and cereal and common simple carbs added to foods are raw sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and sucrose. Glucose, fructose and sucrose and fruit juice concentrate. Simple carb foods to avoid are:-

Grains that have more starch are not good for weight loss because they are a high sugar carbohydrate foods. High sugar carbs turn in to sugar very fast which will increase insulin and weight gain. Other high starch foods are whole wheat bread, cereal, corn oats, peas and rice. To minimise stored fat and to lose weight stay off starches and refined grains (white bread) packaged cereal, pastry, biscuits and sweets etc.  Refined grains have a negative effect on your health. Eating a carbohydrate source (potatoes) with a high protein source of fats (e.g. nut, seeds, oily fish) will slow down metabolism because potatoes contain hidden sugars starch is a glucose which is basically a sugar. 

Belly Fat Busting Foods To Lose Weight 

Complex carbs are more nutritional because they are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins and digest more slowly. There are two types of complex carbohydrates these are fiber and starch. Main source of dietary fiber are fruit vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grain better for weight control, bowel regularity and controls cholesterol. Eat more vegetable carbs in your diet because they are very low in sugar and do not turn in to sugar very fast if at all.  Eat a high protein source of fish or a good quality animal protein source with a vegetable carbohydrate. It will put you in to some serious hardcore fat burning mode because it is a quick belly fat busting food combination which will not trigger insulin and this will make you lose weight and lower stomach fat pooch.